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Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co.,Ltd.(original Inner Mongolia Chayouhouqi Calcium Carbide Factory) is located in Baiyinchagan town, in the middle of Inner Mongolia. It enjoys a convenient transportation for Ji'er railway and 208 national highway run by the factory. Chahouyouqi is rich in quality limestone which is the ideal material for producing calcium carbide. At present our company owns a fixed assets of RMB 0.16 billion. There are 1,300 staff in the company. Besides Baiyanhu Stock Company, there are three subsidiaries: Chayouzhongqi Baiyanhu Stock Chemical Co.,Ltd., Chayouhouqi Baiyanhu Cement Co.,Ltd., Suniteyouqi Baiyanhu Chemical Co.,Ltd.. The company now owns one production line for cement with the yearly production capacity of 150,000t. Calcium carbide furnace includes three 6300KVA, three 10000KVA, one 16500KVA and 20000KVA. Yearly production capacity is about 200,000t. There are two 20000KVA calcium carbide furnace of Sunite Company. It will have the yearly production capacity of 280,000t for calcium carbide after it is put into production in August of 2004.

The company has quality product. Limestone and lime are produced by the company for the company's use. The company has advanced equipment, powerful technical strength, quality and stable products. Products are sold to different parts of the country, from Heilongjiang province in the north to Zhejiang province in the south. Products are well received clients. Sincerely welcome all clients to contact us.

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