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Suzhou Tianpu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Suzhou Tianpu Chemical Co., Ltd, located in Jiangsu Province of East China, is a science and technology company that provides chemical products and services to many essential consumer markets. With our major products, cellulose ethers, Tianpu serves customers in lots of countries and several fields that are important to everyday life of humans, including Construction, food, personal care and pharmaceuticals and paint, etc. In the meantime we constantly develops new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.

Quality means to us is that we fufill the entire quality,testing and packaging requirements of our customers. Our goal is fulfilling the global requirements of our customers and assisting them to increase efficiency and reduce cost with our high quality products and best service. And our mission is provide globally high quality products to our customers according to their requirements at competitive prices with reliability and care and thereby ensuring their success as well as ours.

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