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Daqing New Century Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


Daqing New Century Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is founded in 1993, located in Jinshanpu, Honggang District of Daqing. New Century Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the strong companies in China in the field of organic intermediates and fluorescent brighteners in researching, manufacturing, marketing and distributing for the fine and specialty chemicals.

The plant occupies 30 thousand square meters, and the architectural area is 18 thousand square meters. The company has a staff of 260, including 52 engineers and technicians and 5 senior engineers. And it has three subsidiaries: New Century Fine Chemical Plant for production, New Century Research for R&D, Beijing Richap Chemical Co.,Ltd for international trade, Beijing ODY Chemical Co., Ltd for domestic market, It also has a post-doctoral research center for deep research. As the subordinate of Daqing Oil Field Co.,Ltd, it is medium-sized enterprise with 80 million Yuan fixed assets.

There are more than 10 product lines and 20 special sets of installation for chemical production running in the plant, most common chemical reactions can be routinely carried out; specific expertise is available in the field of photochlorination; oxidation, reduction; acidulation; Friedel-Crafts Reaction and etc. Commercial production is carried out in plant operating to ISO9002, We have committed ourselves to continuous appraisal and improvement of quality systems.

The New Century Research are situated within Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry and Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, our team of PhDs have full access to extensive library and full range of modern analytical facilities of the Institute. Chemist-to-Chemist discussion and exchange of ideas is encouraged. Their technologies and skills and Know-how can make us to do the customer synthesis of contract base. By working together anything is possible. Even the complex and expensive synthesis can be developed into a practical, cost-effective process when both parties work together. Your success brings our reward.

We have two series main product produced in the plant routinely, one is Fluorescent Brighteners series including ER-I(liquid and powder), ER-II, OB-1, CBS-127, OB. The other series is Specialty Chemicals with over 30 products, such as 4,4'-Bis(Diethoxyphosphono-methyl)-Biphenyl, 4-tert-Butylaniline, Benzhydrol, 4,4'-Bis(chloromethyl)-1,1'-Biphenyl, 4-sec-Butylaniline, Chlorodiphenylphosphine, 3,5-Dinitrosalicylic acid, 4-hydroxy TEMPO, Terephehaldehyde, 1,3,5-Trichlorobenzene, etc.

In the past years, New Century has doubled output; exports have risen from 30% to 70% of turnover, the products exported to Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Holland, Germany and other European Countries, USA, etc. New Century would like to be your reliable supplier with reasonable price, good quality, and better service.

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