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Zhangjiagang City Light-Industry Equipment Factory


Zhangjiagang City Light-Industry Equipment Factory was set up in 1976. Since 1978, the factory has produced professionally whale Brand SS, SX, SSC, SD, SG, SGZ, ZLP, SDXZ,GLZ,FWZ,CTL and other series over 60 specifications and models centrifugal machines. The materials are carbon steel, semi-stainless steel, fullstainless steel, line with rubber, line with plastic, titanium steel and others. Besides, the factory can undertake manufacturing all kinds of special centrifugal machines. The factory has strong technological force and complete testing equipment. Its annual production capacity is more than 2000 sets. Since 1985, its products have been exported to foreign countries and regions.

The product was awarded Moulding QC Result Prize of the city in 1991. The factory was fixed a supervise manufacturer by the Quality Testing Center of the Ministry of Machinery in 1991. In the same year, it was gotten Jiangsu Province High-Quality Product Certificate. In 1995, it got China Famous Brand. In 1995, it passed the certification of China Machinery Safety Certification Center. In the same year, it became a member unit of National Separating Machinery Standardizing Committee of Sate Bureau of Quality Technology Supervision. It has been praised as Double Civilized Unit for ten years by the City Committee of CPC and the City Government. Its product meets GMP Standard of pharmacy trade.

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