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changzhou jianghe drying equipment co,.ltd


Changzhou jiang he drying equipment Co., Ltd. is the famous producer specializing in dry equipment, It is the dry equipment and manufacturing enterprise by fixed position of machinery of pharmacy. Company's technical force is rich, the project adopts CAD , And cooperate with each universities and colleges, research and develop new craft, new technology, new products together. Have incorporated dry technology and experience for many years into an organic whole already now, design and produce more than 30 series such as being" dry, mix, make one, crushing, dust removal, sieving professionally". Products of more than 100 kinds of specification types . Suitable for the fields, such as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, fodder, light industry,etc. extensively.  The company regards the customer's request as accusing of the standard inside of quality in line with the quality first, the highest management aim of prestige , Adopting the scientific management mode, quality implements ISO9000 standard, form a whole set of perfect quality management systems, High-quality products, fast delivery date, satisfied with so as to every customer this we eternal promise.   The company has been devoted to the dry equipment, make scientific research and development of a grain of equipment and enterprise's management and administration together for many years. The company pays attention to scientific and technical innovation, think all the time: Science and technology is the primary productive force. Develop new product cooperatively with domestic relevant scientific research institutions , absorb and digest domestic and international advanced person dry and make a grain of equipment, In order to meet the need that modern enterprises produce. Factory have perfect testing laboratory, welcome old and new customers carry material test , observe that orders.

  We wish to make progress together with the domestic and international friend on the journey of pursueing being outstanding, Create brilliance.

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