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Guangzhou Dongshan Chemical Group


Guangzhou Dongshan Chemical Group is an international corporation, which integrates industrial manufacturing with domestic trade and import and export business.

The main products manufactured by our own factories are: artificial PVC Christmas trees, optical fiber trees, decoration items and gift items, metal birdcages and pet accessories, chemical raw materials for rubber industry, and automobile cleaning and care products. The factories we own have the right to import and export directly by themselves. Clients at home and abroad are welcome to contact our own factories directly for inquiries or orders including OEM or ODM.

Supplying to over 1000 factories, our group is one of the largest suppliers of chemicals and chemical raw materials in South China. We are in a position to supply at any time natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber accelerators, rubber antioxidants and various solutions and over two hundred kinds of chemicals widely used in rubber, plastic, paint, shoe-making and other industries, as we keep such a stock all the year long and have a complete range of such products.As agent of China petro Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and many other well_known enterprises,we sell their products and welcome foreign companies to sell their chemicals and raw materials in China under our agency.

Abiding by the service guideline of doing business honestly and faithfully, we allow refund and replacement for the products we sell, and sometimes even provide after sale services for the full life of our products. Our warehouses are open for 14 hours a day including weekends and holidays. Our company has been named as "Enterprise Abiding by Contracts and Commitments for 15 Consecutive Years" by both Guangdong Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce and Guangzhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. We will make persistent effort in offering even better service to our clients in the future.

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