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Chengdu Chemical Co.


Chengdu Chemical Co. is a share holding enterprise reorganized from Chengdu Chemical Factory which has more than 40 years history in chemical material production, our registered capital is 77.28 million yuan. At present we are one of Potassium chemical manufacturers which have the largest production scale and most advanced production technology; our company covers an area of 69,700m2,991 employees including 308 technicians in various speciality. Our present asset is 218.70 million yuan,annual output reaches 125.65 million yuan; in 1997 we were evaluated as 'One of 500 Largest Scale Industry Enterprise in Sichuan',and 'One of 200 Enterprises With Best Benefits'.

  Our main products are industry heavy potassium carbonate、food additive potassium carbonate、industry potassium hydroxide、dipotassium hydrogen phosphate、liquid chorine、hydrochloric acid etc. We have introduced ion film electrolysis KOH and flowing-bed method potassium carbonate technology facilities from America and Japan,which can produce 12,000 ton industry heavy carbonic acid and food additive potassium carbonate; it fills up domestic blank,obtained state-level 'New Product' and Sichuan 'Famous Brand Product'awards. We own self-support import and export rights,our products are far sold to America, Korea, Malaysia,Iranian etc countries and areas.

  In West Big Opening,we took the lead in joint-venture setting up Chengdu Huarong Chemical Industry Co. with Sichuan New Hope Agriculture (holding) Co, which is subordinated to New Hope Group、Sichuan South Hope Co., World Bank Group International Financial Co.. Huarong has introduced one production line which can produce 10,000 ton high pure KOH annually from Switzerland,and will build one set production equipments, which can annually produce 20,000 ton high pure potassium hydroxideand, and high additional value chorine subsidiary facilities in Pengzhou; the production of high pure potassium hydroxide has broken through the history that this kind of products must be imported.

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