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zigong honghe chemical industry co.,ltd.


A "Star of Chemicals" - Honghe Chemcial Inc. (HCI) is sparkling in Zigong, renowned for three uniques among our contemporaries, which is entitled the city of salt, hometown of dinosaur, and town of lantern. HCI is a large state-owned chemical enerprise with a total assets of RMB 1958 million and one of national top 520 key enterprises and provincial top 26 key superior enterprises respectively. The company has successively gained the "National May 1st Labour Certificate" and "Advanced Quality Management Enterprise of China", it's a state-level enterprise for "placing great emphasis on contract and keeping credit". The company's industry GDP reached up to RMB 1300 million and sales revenue to RMB1080 million in 2002. "He" soda ash the company produced was awarded the "National Renowned Product Certificate" in 2003.

Taking advantage of the south Sichuan's abundant bittern and gas resources, HCI has increasingly developed into the largest comprehensive basic chemical raw materials production base in west China in the past 40-50 years. The company is one of top 10 soda ash and caustic soda manufacturers in China and the largest sodium bicarbonate manufacturer in Asia. In recent years, the company has devoted it efforts to further develop a series products in both width and depth on the basis of soda ash and caustic soda production, the products mix is gradually sophisticated and forming a basic chemicals prodction with soda ash and caustic soda as its representatives, fine chemicals with chloromethanes as its representative, and pharmaceutical chemicals with medical raw materials as it representative, by which the group's capability is improving rapidly.

The company is capable of producing more than 40 types of chemicals e.g. soda ash, caustic soda, chloromethanes, ammonium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, feed additives, compound and mix fertilizer, bulk grug, finished drug, polyphenylene sulphide, paint etc.with annual capacity of over 1,400,000 Ton, which is widely used in the light industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, textiles, construction materials, metallurgical, and food processing industry. The products are popularly sold to more than 20 countries and regions e.g. Europe, Asia, America, Australia as well as all over of China. The annual output quantity of the commodity of the leading products e.g. soda ash,ammonium chloride, caustic soda, chloromethanes, and sodium bicarbonate are ranked in top 10 and are all certified by ISO9001 quality system authentification.

Looking forward to the future Relying on the west China development policy, HCI realized a great leap development, its main economic indices has successively increased at a pace of two digits, which reamined for years. During the "10th Five-Year Plan" and "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the capacity of soda ash and caustic soda should be expanded and strengthened, chloromethanes production must be perfect and strengthened, resources must be optimized to develop PVC, pharmaceutica chemical, construction materials in efforts to realize a great leap devlopment and ultimately achieve a annual production value of RMB 2400 million in the "10th Five-Year Plan" period and RMB 5000 million in the "11th Five-Year Plan" period respectively.

“Cranes by no means stop their pursuance until reaching perfection”,embodys a Honghe people's bold and generous spirit, Honghe's future shall be bright?

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