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SICHUAN MIANZHU HANWANG YELLOW PHOSPHORUS LTD.COMPANY (be called SICHUAN MIANZHU YELLOW PHOSPHORUS FACTORY before) was founded in 1984. we always adhere to the principle of &¡°CUSTOMERS ARE SUPREME; SERVICE & QUALITY COME FIRST; SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY ARE IMPORTANT¡±, make progress and bring -GM address -Administration structace -ISO 9002 Certificate -Map of Prod. Distr. -Information Feedback

forth new ideas constantly to promote her development, and have achieved remarkable economical and social benefit.

It cowers an area of 180,000 m2 with 150 million Yuan fixed assets, organized by four plants, an import and export department and a phosphorus rock factory. Our company is the biggest phosphide producing base in SICHUAN province. We mine phosphorus rock 100,000MT, yearly and produce YELLOW PHOSPHORUS 12,000MT, PHOSPHORIC ACID (T.G.85%) 30,000MT, SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE 4,000MT, TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE 5,000MT, SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE 45,000MT, MONOAMMONIUM PHOSPHATE 3,000MT,MOMOPOTASSIUM PHOSPHATE 2,000MT,etc.; and also produce AIUMININUMSILICATE FIBER 1,000MT and it's manufactures. Our products always marketed to Japan, America, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, France and Saudi Arabia, etc.

Our company has superior geographical position, convenient communication and abundant minerals¡ªQIN PIN phosphorus mine is one of the four biggest phosphorus mines. So we have the superiority of opening up the international phosphorus industry business. We produce fine phosphorus products according to ISL9002. Because of laying stress

On contracts and keeping the promise in business, we got ISO9002 CERTIFICATES and PRODUCTS QUALITY CERTIFICATES first among all country chemical industrial enterprises in our country.

¡¡ The spirit of our company is¡°BE UNITED, CTEATIVE, REALISTIC, EFFICICET¡±. We take advantage of the right of import and export, develop phosphorus products to more series, mow the company develop phosphorus products to more series. Now the company develop vertically and diversify. Customers at home or abroad are warmly welcomed to hold trade talks with us personally, telephonically or correspondly. We will cooperate sincerely and develop in unison with you.

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